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10 Drawing and Writing Ink Procreate Brushes - Variety of Ink Styles for iPad Artwork

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A set of 10 drawing or writing ink style brushes created for the Procreate app on iPad. You will receive 10 files in .brush format

Brushes and Features:

WATERY INK - A wet-looking brush in a smaller shape to represent an ink pen that keeps its shape during use, without muddying.

BLEED INK - Sharp transitions are met with the tilt of the Apple Pencil, giving a sharp transition in a boxy form.
CLASSIC INK - A great go-to for illustrations, with slight pressure response and smooth flow.
NATURAL INK - A rougher take on the Classic Ink brush, providing a textured edge for more of an organic appearance.

INK SCRATCH - Dependent on pressure and tilt, this brush can evoke a scratchy ink tip, as if needing to scribble a bit to get an ink flow back.

SOFT INK - A thick, soft edge brush for a softer appearance.

TRANSLUCENT INK - A buildable transparent ink brush that darkens with each new layer.

LIGHT INK - Similar to the Classic Ink brush, but not as harsh, with a lighter ink value.

MONOLINE - A super smooth brush that won't vary in size or opacity, great for seamless uniformed lining.



Apple Pencil
The Procreate App for iPad These brushes DO NOT work with Photoshop, Illustrator, or other programs.


Installation assistance:

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